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 [Former GOD] ..::STiX::..

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Krysalide Citizen
Krysalide Citizen

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Job/hobbies : Student, LUA Programmer
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Name: STiX
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PostSubject: [Former GOD] ..::STiX::..   [Former GOD]  ..::STiX::.. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 03, 2008 3:34 pm


My name is Nathan but everyone in RL and in the OT world call me STiX.
My hobbies include LUA scripting and surfing.

I basically hop from small scale server to server helping out with small bugs and things they are lacking while developing my own server. Some servers choose to pay me, but I normally don't accept their money.

Just yesterday infact I updated some random server's (I think it was MexOT or something) NPCs so they all use the in-game private NPC chat funtion and a week before then, I created this forum: for an OT (they are still waiting on a couple more donations to buy a decent domain) . Some servers reward me with a GM, tutor or GOD where I host raids and chat to players.

As I don't really like Tibia, but I like the development side of things and the community; I tend to hop around a lot.

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[Former GOD] ..::STiX::..
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